Harry Mackin

I'm a professional writer, editor, and content marketer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm currently Gruen Digital Marketing's Content Manager. My videogame and media criticism has been published at Vice Games, Vox's Polygon, Gawker's Kotaku, and more. I'm also a creative writer and game developer. Décorum, a game I co-created, was nominated for Best Board Game at Indiecade in 2019, and will be published by Floodgate Games in 2021.

My favorite aspect of editing is the collaborative process. I believe the right approach to collaboration helps a project become more than the sum of its parts, because each contributor identifies and elevates the best aspects of what they see in the others--often better than those people could find those aspects themselves!

Expressing myself in writing helps me make sense of my own (often complicated!) feelings. Turning these feelings into something productive also helps me feel like I've got a handle on them. Coincidentally, I also occasionally try to be funny.

Selected Writing


If you'd like to collaborate with me, work with me, or… yell at me about something I've written, please feel free to email me at mackinharry@gmail.com. I'm also (far too) active on twitter, so feel free to follow me there. Fair warning: There are going to be a lot of tweets about Yakuza 0. Have you played Yakuza 0? I think you should.

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