Harry Mackin is a professional writer, narrative designer, and media critic.

Harry designed and wrote for his own game Décorum, published by Floodgate Games and later collaborated with Floodgate again to write for Sagrada: Artisans, and Fog of Love: Love on Lockdown.

Harry has been a freelance videogame and media critic since 2014, has been published at Vice Games, Vox's Polygon, Gawker's Kotaku, and more.

In his free time, Harry hosts two podcasts: Trylove, a film review podcast about "films we saw and people we met at the Trylon Cinema in Minneapolis, Minnesota," and Stoop Kidz, an episode-by-episode analysis of the 90's Nickelodeon show Hey! Arnold.

You can find several of Harry's writing samples on this site. For additional samples, please reach out directly at

If you’d like to keep up with Harry’s most current work, follow Harry on Twitter and LinkedIn. Sorry about all the Yakuza tweets. .