About me

This is Harry Mackin’s portfolio and resume website. I’m a professional writer and editor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m currently employed at Gruen Digital Marketing as their Content Manager. I also write videogame and media criticism as a freelancer. I’ve written for several websites and digital magazines, including Vice’s Waypoint, Vox media’s Polygon, ZAM.com, Paste.com, and Unwinnable magazine.

Through my professional and personal writing, I try to express myself clearly in a way that fosters critical thinking, engenders empathy, asks important questions, and prompts good conversation amongst my audience. Through my editing, I try to help others find their voices and express their unique points of view in a way they can be proud of. Also, I try to be funny sometimes.

If you’d like me to write or edit something for you, or if you just want to yell at me about something I’ve written, please feel free to shoot me an email at Mackinharry@gmail.com. You can also usually find me ranting about something nerdy on twitter @Shiitakeharry. Thanks!


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